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Yes, we can. We have cargo vans, 1-ton cube vans, and 5 ton trucks – some with power tail gates. Let us know if your order is dock to dock or if a power tail gate is needed.

Our regular time frame for regular service is (3-4 hours). The delivery times are mostly dependent on our workload. Many days we are zipping around doing critical, direct rush and rush deliveries (trips are prioritized according to the level of service).

At other times, the majority of our trips are regular service and are dropped off in an efficient route.

Weather, road construction and road construction also influence delivery times (Calgary really has just two seasons – winter and construction season).

If your delivery has a deadline, please let us know so we can complete delivery before the specified time.

Yes, we do. We can cover your driver’s absence whether they are off on holidays or medical and personal reasons.

No, we do not offer supplies for packaging.

Yes, we can schedule your daily, weekly or monthly deliveries in our software. Leaving you to focus on other things.

Yes, we do and always have especially during these times of Covid 19. We have delivered everything from soup to nuts (no kidding). Prescription deliveries are also possible. We deliver everything from envelopes to sweet treats (chocolates, flowers, baked goods, etc.).

Yes, we do. Everything from cheques, money drafts and even bank deposits, bill payments and mortgage pay outs.

Yes, using our online software we provide a login for our clients to be able to track shipments on there computer or cell phone.

Yes, when placing your order online make a note in the special instructions that it “ok to leave without a signature”

Yes,  our clients can call into our office 403-246-8349 and request emailed POD (proof of delivery).

The driver will contact the sender and advise on the situation and get confirmation if we should leave a parcel with no signature or try to deliver later.

Yes you can. Call dispatch at 403-246-8349. Payment can be Visa, Master Card, cash or e transfer to .

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