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Legal Courier

Legal Courier Service

Do you need to get funds delivered on a deadline for a real estate deal? How about getting a file across town in time for an important meeting or court appearance? At City Wide Courier, we provide top-notch courier service for all your legal documents or packages.

Legal documents may always feel like a headache, be it for a court appearance or for a simple matter like buying or selling a property. It is also essential that you have these documents with you at the right time. Also, there are many sensitive documents, like legal tenders, contracts, court papers, and passports, that can be easily misused if they fall into the wrong hands. In such cases, it is not just time that is an issue. It is also important to get these documents delivered to the right person. This is where a professional and experienced Legal Courier Service can be of help.

Using a Legal Courier Service will save you time and reduce your liability. They are typically much more dependable and safe than normal courier services. By using a Legal Courier Service, you can devote more time to other important tasks in your law practice. A lot of stress about delivering important legal documents on time can be eliminated by delegating the task to an efficient process server Calgary like City Wide Courier.

City Wide Courier has been providing exceptional legal courier service to all of our clients. We have some of the best process servers at your service. They will pick up your private and sensitive documents from your offices and deliver them without any chance of being lost or jeopardizing your anonymity along the route.

City Wide Courier has been serving the Calgary and surrounding area for over 30 years and with great success. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that we ensure that we provide our clients with nothing short of excellence and high-quality service.

​When time is running short, you need a quick, reliable solution. This is where City Wide Courier steps in. Our Courier Service gets your package from point A to point B safely, efficiently, and most importantly on time. Trust us to deliver your package on time with the utmost security and confidentiality. You’ll know where your documents or package will be at all times due to the GPS Tracking systems that all of your drivers have so that you will never have to worry.

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