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Sep 01

A Useful Guide on the Hotshot Services for Today’s Modern World

When it comes to Hotshot Service Calgary, it’s pretty distinct from expedited shipping, where motor carriers like trucks, vans, and pick-up trucks are used to get the work done. The hotshot hauling work gets distributed to different drivers through the load boards.

This makes the entire Hotshot Service Calgary an excellent way to deliver products to all the customers. Besides that, the hotshot hauling service is also ideal for all the owner-operators who wish to make some extra funds or are looking forward to making the next load.

What kind of trucks are utilized for hotshot services?

There is no requirement for hotshot services, as the truckers can use any type of truck to get the work done. But there are some truck types that are commonly used for conducting the hotshot services:

  1. The Class 3 Trucks

These are medium-duty trucks that have a weight limit between 10,000 pounds to 14,000 pounds. Some common class 3 trucks you will find are Ram 3500, Ford F-350, GMC Sierra 3500, and Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

These are the best heavy-duty trucks available to carry out the hotshot services. They are also utilized by last-mile delivery drivers and contractors.

  1. The Class 4 Trucks 

The Class 4 trucks have a weight limit between 14,000 pounds to 16,000 pounds. Under the Class 4 category, you will find heavy-duty trucks like Ram 4500, Ford F-450 and Chevrolet Silverado 4500.

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Even though these are heavy trucks, they are viewed as non-commercial trucks. Apart from that, the Class 4 heavy-duty trucks are an ideal choice if you’re planning to haul a massive hotshot load.

  1. The Class 5 Trucks 

These trucks also come with a weight limit, which is between 16,000 pounds to 19,5000 pounds. Some of the models that fall under the Class 5 category are Ram 5500, Ford F-550 and Chevrolet Silverado 5500.

Under Class 5, you will not just encounter the heavy-duty trucks but also find the lightest ones, such as International TerraStar, Peterbilt 325 and Kenworth T170.

How can you locate the best hotshot services?

Finding the best hotshot service providers will not be challenging as you just have to do some research on them to find the right one. You should also choose hotshot service providers who provide professionalism and higher reliability.

The company you choose must have a flexible fleet, which will function with you and offer quick and practical solutions to all your requirements. Look for companies that can provide you with intrastate and interstate services.

Furthermore, you should also look for a company that has years of experience, has licensed and qualified professionals, and leaves no room for mistakes. You can also inspect the online reviews to learn more about the hotshot services before making the final call.


Hotshot services are ideal for people who wish to transport smaller loads from across the nation. Businesses of all types can opt for the hotshot services without much hassle.

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Even if your business falls under the government and military, construction, manufacturing, pipeline construction and food and beverages, you can opt for this type of service.

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