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Mar 24

Why Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Same-Day Delivery?

They say “Time is Money” and definitely it is completely true in the present scenario. The courier delivery sector is one such business fragment that should be re-organized to set aside time and cash for organizations and ensure that they serve their customers effectively.

Numbers don’t lie and here are certain details that make it perfectly clear what customers exactly want: 

  • 56% of online buyers between the age of 18-34 years hope to have the service of same day courier Calgary
  • 61% of buyers prefer to pay more for the same-day service. 
  • 45% of shoppers need email or text notifications with a registered number. 
  • 31% need to have the option to follow the courier delivery directly on the retailer’s site. 

Well, the satisfaction of customers is generally dependent on the assistance or services offered by the company. Offering services with improper customer support and care limits companies to win the trust of their customers and provide them with satisfaction.

The time expected to take an individual order request, report it, give it to the driver, sending the notifications, all takes proper planning and time, and if you have the right team of couriers, you can easily entice your customers. If You don’t have the right team, the courier delivery management can be affected. This could seriously impact your courier delivery business. 

The risks associated with such situations are: 

  • A request for an order can be missed out.
  • A driver may get distributed with two deliveries at a time.
  • Other specialists may need to sit inactively. 
  • The organization becomes complex as you grow.
  • Delay in deliveries and loss of time can increase unnecessary expenses.
  • Loss of customer data and deliveries.

How City Wide can Help?

City Wide delivers all the couriers in a faster and safe manner possible to all your customers.

They deliver small packages to even bulk items properly using their fleet of vehicles. They enable your business to oversee and thrive on this competitive edge.

City Wide offers same-day delivery Calgary, next-day delivery as well as hotshot delivery. All their couriers are friendly and knowledgeable, they know how to handle your packages and deliver them to their destination.

From pallets to envelopes, they deliver everything as they think no courier delivery is too small or too big. They take care of every package with the same safety and dedication. Also, their drivers are ready to help you once they receive the request for delivery, thus you can ensure that all your packages are dealt with proper way.

So, if you are running a business and you want to opt for courier services to wow your customers, you should avail of same-day services from City Wide and bring your business to the next level.

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